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Dec 23, 2017

Minimalism in Mama’s Bathroom

There is one corner of a woman’s home that tends to be a nightmare of high maintenance overspending and clutter: the bathroom. The beauty industry spends billions of dollars to convince you that your natural self is unacceptable and you need to buy X, Y, and Z to hide and fix your way to social presentability and desirability.

Don’t buy into it (both figuratively and literally).

Your natural self is perfect and beautiful – a canvas that tells the honest story of your journey. You are enough, exactly as you are today – every wrinkle, freckle, curve, and scar of experience earned and honored.

As mothers especially, we are role models for our children. Are we a beacon of self-acceptance and love for our children to emulate or a formula of hypercritical self-loathing for our children to replicate – too much this and not enough that? Your children are watching as you apply your daily mask and what you say and feel about yourself in the presence of your children they will internalize – it becomes the inner monologue they recite to themselves each morning when they look in the mirror. Write the legacy you want to leave your children through self-love.

If you reject the paradigm of fixing and hiding, you can honor and embrace yourself in a daily ritual of self-care. You consciously choose simple ingredients that don’t poison your body and low-waste products that don’t poison the planet. The intentional cultivation of your environment plays a key role in that shift.

(And click here to listen to my Sage Family Podcast episode all about the topic of BEAUTY)

So, let’s dive in!

1 Design

Make a list of your needs, based on living your life as your best self.

Start with a fresh piece of paper, forget all the weight of what you already own and design your best self in your best life through your belongings. Categories may include shower, hair, teeth, makeup, etc. How do you want to spend your time – morning and nightly routine, career, exercise, fun, etc.? Our belongings are one piece to designing our lifestyle and identity.

Here’s mine:

Shower: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor, face wash, bath salt, washcloth, towel

Body: deodorant, coconut oil, tweezers, nail clippers, essential oils, toilet paper, flushable wipes

Teeth: toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, retainers, mouthwash

Hair: hair brush, comb, hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, ponytail elastics, braid elastics, bobby pins, snap clips, jaw clips

Menstruation: menstrual cup, pads

Make Up: base coat foundation powder, top coat foundation powder, mascara, eye liner, eye lash curler, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, make up remover

Note: My morning routine is to shower, apply deodorant, brush hair and teeth, and move into my day – au natural (no blasting my hair with heat or smearing on make up). I have hair styling supplies and make up for photo shoots, media appearances, and events. To each their own; my own is simple.

2 Invite

Pull every single item out of your drawers, cupboards, cabinets, and shower – everything – and lay them all on the floor.

Shop conservatively from this stash for your favorites that satisfy the spaces on your list. The list creates the available seats. You invite your favorites.

Release the rest – let go of it all. Normally I talk about donating but in the bathroom, we have sanitation to consider – trash it.

Research and purchase any remaining needs with simple ingredients and low-waste products in mind.

As products are used up and broken down, replace with more consciously chosen items. For example, I needed a face soap, so I chose the best one that I already owned to start. Then when my chemical-filled plastic bottle of face soap ran out, I replaced it with a charcoal cleansing bar that I love. When my plastic hair brush broke, I replaced it with a wooden one. Overhauling every product you own in one fell swoop, while doable when you only own a handful of products, requires an overwhelming amount of research and money. But one product at a time as they run out or break down—totally doable.

3 Organize

Create a home for each of the items you have invited into the space.

You want to keep the space clear and open – resist the urge to fill it!

Consider sorting the items into the zones you categorized in your list. My top bathroom drawer contains everything for my hair (pictured above) and the bottom drawer contains a basket for period supplies, a make up bag, and wet wipes (pictured below). Shower supplies are in the shower and teeth and body supplies are in my mirrored cabinet.

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