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I would not say, “Sierra Reyes cried when her daughter threw a tantrum.”

I might say, “If you feel like crying when your little one throws a tantrum, try …”

If I believe you to be an imminent danger to yourself or others (including your children), I will contact the necessary authorities to get you the critical help you need because I got your back, yo.

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I recommend that parents consider options and become as informed as is possible, matching what you learn with what you think can work the best for your child, you and your family. You must use your wisdom and discretion in deciding what is in the best interest of your child. The material on this blog is meant to be considered in this process, providing perspective, anecdotes, tools, techniques and information for your inspiration and consideration. The products and product considerations recommended on this blog are personal preferences. You are encouraged to investigate and form your own opinions as to the rightness of fit of any product for your child and you. The information on this blog is not meant to be considered medical or psychotherapeutic advice. Rachel Rainbolt, Sage Family, is not liable or responsible for the parenting choices you make, actions you take, or any consequences thereof.


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