"What if I knew how to handle all the challenges? You know, like that mom wearing a flower crown who calmly dances through problems with her children?

"My life would be great if I could just understand how to apply those gentle parenting ideals to the hard moments."

"OMG, I could be the mother I want to be and actually enjoy my kids and my life. We would be thriving instead of just surviving!"

Whether you are mothering a baby, toddler, child, or teen, the struggle is real. For those of us committed to walking a gentle parenting path that respects our children's natural ways of being and honors their needs, we can feel even more alone.

I know I did when all my colleagues in family therapy were prescribing control-based time-outs and behavior charts to parents while I was inviting them to sit with their children, validate their feelings, and ask for their ideas. But I don't mind the side eye anymore because what all those colleagues and families witnessed is that this approach works, especially when the goal is to raise heart-full and competent people.

become the parent you want to be

“I just yelled at my kids—another day failing at motherhood."

"I won't hit, shame, or punish my child. But then what do I do?"

"How do gentle parents get through tantrums in Costco without everyone thinking they're raising hellions?"

"I'm stuck. What I'm doing isn't working and I just can't see a way through this issue."




get THE

First, we'll establish your family's values and create a plan moving forward based on them.




Then we'll build a rhythm for your family to flow through that incorporates everyone's needs.



The home environment has a profound impact on children and their mood and behavior so we'll create a playscape that sets them up for success.



We'll explore your triggers, establish a practice to expand your emotional mindfulness, and integrate an honoring of your needs into the family culture.



I'll help you discover why your child is unable to meet your expectations and equip you with a proactive and collaborative approach to better support their challenges while honoring their natural way of being.



I'll walk you through what is happening within your child when big feelings take over and equip you with simple steps for responding gently and effectively.

big feelings



get THE

In one month, through a connective and collaborative approach, you will:


In other words, start now and you’ll be confidently slow-motion strutting in aviator shades (Maverick glasses not included) by next month’s playdate.

Align your lifestyle with your values.
Enjoy a simplified home environment.
Flow through an intentional daily rhythm.
Respond effectively to big feelings.
Enhance your connection with your child.
Have a clear plan of action.
Enjoy more peaceful and easy days.
Better understand your child's needs.
Be holding the space for your needs too.
Gain confidence as a mother.


1 month of coaching
4 weekly 45 minute video call sessions
a personalized guide
email support
exclusive facebook tribe membership

You'll be coached through your parenting challenges from anywhere in the world, without ever leaving your home (real pants not required). I will hold space for your struggles and guide you forward with a personalized plan that unfolds as an easy conversation with a trusted mentor, to support you as you shift.

you'll get

for $799


get THE

"hands down the best money I have ever spent on our family!"

cassie mitchell


christen nicole:

"I can’t recommend Rachel (Sage Parenting) enough! Rachel is a beacon of guidance to connected, respectful, authentic relationships in our parenting journey. I love her podcast and she’s incredible to work directly with as a coach. She articulates in a honest and approachable way and is an abundance of knowledge. I often ask myself “what would Rachel do” to channel her inner wisdom. Thank you Rachel for all that you bring the world, we need more like you, and thanks to you we can all follow the path you lead and change the world in the way we raise the future generations."

megan molz

“You have allowed me to view my son through different eyes, speak each other's language, and parent through love."




erin michelle:

“Rachel took me under her wing as a scared, nervous single momma – struggling with sleep, consistency and quite frankly trying to not lose my sh#! with a full time job and a precious and precarious growing toddler. With loving kindness, Rachel gently guided my son and I to a more peaceful and calm relationship. I jokingly asked how much coaching would be for the rest of the year, knowing that each and every single email exchange holds wisdom beyond anything I could have learned on my own. Rachel is a fierce and honest momma warrior you simply need in your corner. No matter the issue or growth you and your family need to step into – Rachel will hold your hand the entire way and none of you will ever want to let go. Thank you for changing my relationship with my son and how I see, know and love him on a minute to minute basis. And thank you for mirroring the love I need to sometimes send my way as well. I look forward to working with you again in the future as my son and I run together into this wonderful world of discovery.”

ami patel:

"Wow, this experience has opened my eyes! I feel like I've been given the tools to become a better mother."