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PNW Adventure Mama and the Sage Family coach, writer, podcaster, and advocate for gentle parenting, natural homeschooling, and simple living.





simple living



1. Use the bathroom right after you order. It never fails. Your child will have to pee urgently the moment that hot plate of food touches the tabletop. So after you are seated (remember to be considerate with seating arrangements, as they are far more important to a child than most adults realize and if you do […]

“Don’t talk to strangers.” “Just Say No.” “Abstinence only.” These were all programs designed to keep our kids healthy and safe that have been undeniably and quantitatively proven failures. Most of us were told not to talk to strangers by our parents, teachers, and the media. Teaching your children not to talk to strangers was […]

  I am always slightly disheartened by the intensity of the fever pitch for acquisition. If you ask my children what the holidays are about, they will tell you something to the effect of “togetherness, giving, light.” While many are capable of reciting that dignified line, not many actually live that pledge. Millions of advertising […]

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