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Nov 20, 2019

Simple Holidays with Rachelle Crawford


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This is episode 38 and today I’m here with Rachelle Crawford talking about Simple Holidays.

Rachelle Crawford is the author at Abundant Life With Less. She is passionate about her family’s transition from clutter and chaos, to purpose and peace, through owning less. She writes about practical strategies to owning less as well as what happens in the heart when we remove the excess and turn our attention toward what matters most.

Adventure of the Week

This week I share our adventure in the Fall foliage with the spawning salmon at Flaming Geyser State Park.


Decorations: We give advice for decorating your home for the holidays with simplicity in mind.

Traditions: We share some traditions that we have said “no” to and some traditions that we have said “yes” to (including some new traditions that you may find inspiring).

Santa: We go over how we handle Santa.

Decluttering: We walk through what decluttering before the holidays can look like.

Gifts: We talk about what kinds of gifts we give our children and who we exchange gifts with.

Others: We cover what boundaries we hold with other people around the holidays.

Q & A

We answer the seminal question of what we put in our hot cocoa.

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