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Jun 9, 2019

Contentment with Desirae Endres


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This is episode 31 and today I’m here with Desirae Endres talking about contentment.

Desirae is a mom, wife, host of the minimal-ish podcast, and a former classroom teacher turned online educator. Her goal is to give moms the tools they need to dive into the version of realistic minimalism that fits their family best and live an intentional life, focused on what matters to them. She spends her days in her old little home in Pittsburgh, PA with her toddler, husband, and golden doodle pup enjoying the people she loves and the work she feels called to do.

Adventure of the Week

I share our adventure on an Owl Prowl.


Places: We discuss why it’s so hard for people to feel content with their physical spaces.

Time: We talk about how we stay content with time in our present seasons of life.

People: We go over how contentment can improves relationships.

Comparison: We give advice on what to do when inspiration turns into discontentment.

Gratitude: We describe how gratitude has been essential for us.

Complacency: We speak to the difference between complacency and contentment.

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