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May 17, 2019

Self-Care with Amethyst Joy


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This is episode 29 and today I’m here with Amethyst Joy talking about self-care.

Amethyst has 3 littles that she co-creates with and writes about her healing journey, parenting, and generally being a person in a body under the handle Healed Mother. She also helps people reparent themselves while parenting the souls who chose them as a trained intuitive energy reader and healer.

Adventure of the Week

I share our adventure at a Bat Biology and Box Building seminar at a local nature preserve.


Trauma: We start by contextualizing healing from trauma as self-care.

Expectations: We encourage you to challenge your expectations for yourself as a mother.

Integration: We debunk the myth that you cannot meet your own needs while in connection with your children.

Maintenance: We go over how to maintain your self-care routine.

Mindfulness: We discuss the value of holding a nonjudgmental space between trigger and response.

Boundaries: We talk about the role of boundaries in our self-care.

Choice: We empower you an awareness of the everyday choice points.

Tools: We share the importance of reaching for tools to help get you where you want to be.

Community/Village/Tribe/Sisterhood: We cover the potential for external relationships and communities to be part of your self-care.

Dive Deeper

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