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Jul 16, 2016

Change is on the Horizon

Change is on the Horizon

There wasn’t any singular moment when I decided to give the traditional American dream the middle finger. I think it was more of a gradual evolution.

I suppose that evolution was sparked when I was reborn as a mother. Natural birth, full term breastfeeding in public, babywearing, co-sleeping, and gentle parenting were gateway drugs. Once you take the red pill, you gain a new, outside perspective that you can’t unknow and unsee. When you shift your mind to making well-researched, conscious life choices contrary to the herd of sheeple, there’s no going back.

This led to entrepreneurship. Once I had stepped off the well worn parenting path, I was already wearing Keens and carrying a machete. So I forged my own professional path as well, which was an integrated and natural extension of my personal and parenting self.

Which led to homeschooling. Connection, respect, and informed choices are an unpalatable sacrifice after years of freedom and harmony.

And now the evolution is progressing into unschooling, travel schooling, and world schooling. My insatiable appetite to learn and grow has led me deeper down the well of research, global and evolutionary perspective, and the wide body of knowledge we now have on the natural child and how he thrives, which of course is really the natural human being, and how we all thrive.

Turns out, we thrive with freedom, connection, and experience. The farther we lean into these values, the more robust flourishing we witness in our children, each other, ourselves, and our family.

It’s not a secret. A wave has been coming over my generation as more and more people step off the mainstream path of “busy” and “more” in favor of a simple, joy-filled lifestyle of their own creation.

We Value

I have noticed a few stepping stones that seem to work well for centering your life around these values:

  1. Housing: People are letting go of more square footage and bigger mortgages in favor of tiny houses, RV living, and other humble living arrangements that allow for financial freedom and minimal possessions.
  2. Income: People are leaving 9-5 jobs for location independence. They are getting creative and innovative and utilizing the web to create income streams that are more in line with their talents, strengths, and interests and compatible with a nomadic lifestyle.
  3. Education: People have been stampeding out of traditional public school and are now forgoing a school at home model, which only perpetuates the flawed foundational assumptions domestically, in favor of an approach that views life as the greatest adventure and platform for growth.

Part of the beauty of this freedom is that what that all looks like is different for every family. This is where I am today: feeling out, researching, shifting, and reaching in the direction that feels authentic for us. It feels like letting go of my last hold on that traditional, mainstream path. It can feel a little scary to live boldly and honestly. But that is eclipsed by our excitement for new adventures together that bring us deeper into our light.

What is presently inspiring you? Let me know below!

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  1. April says:

    I often enjoy your views and a differing perspective, however, I have been disappointed with what I have seen to be a very “American” focus with a hint of anger. I feel like your writing might have more impact if it came less from an angle of “giving the middle finger” and more from a place of love, growth and sharing. Some of the topics that you discuss, unschooling, for instance, have a place in some communities, however, many of your nation’s students benefit from the opportunity to learn English in a safe, publicly-funded environment. While it may not be ideal for all, perhaps one should not be made to feel that they are not adequately meeting their child’s needs if they choose to send them to school? I get that your audience may be crunchy Americans, but I think that many more women in the US and around the world could learn from your experience and research if it was presented through a slightly less negative and Amero-centric lense.

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